On the Alsace’s Wine Route and at the bottom of the Vosges’ mountains, please come and discover Kaysersberg, a touristic town rich of history and culture. Kaysersberg is proud to be the birth place of Dr Albert Schweitzer’s,

Arts and crafts

Hélène has a passion for painting. Flowers, little rabbits, cats and teddy bears, the house’s walls are decorated with her paintings.


Jean-Rémy is a beekeeper. He has installed his honey production room on the ground floor and he will be happy to explain you his work.


In the center of Alsace, Kaysersberg is one of more beautiful village of Alsace. Inescapable in your stay, you can shine in all Alsace...

Flat "Le Franciscain"

Come to Kaysersberg in 1460, the Franciscans transfer their Church dedicated to God on July 25th, 1483 by Lord Bishop Nicolas of Basel within their convent. It is of this time that dates the beautiful Convent

Flat "L'Oriel"

An oriel window is a headway encor-beautifully fitted out on one or several levels of a facade He can marry various aspects and train (in two, three or four faces) and be surmounted by a roof or by a small terrace.

Flat "Le Schlossberg"

Schlossberg is a hill which overhangs the valley of Weiss, since the accesses of Kientzheim up to the medieval castle of Kaysers-berg which gives him his name in German (Schloss = castle, and Berg = mountain)

Flat "Le Geiler"

Turbulent writer as much as colorful, pre-cursor of the refor-mation, Jean Geiler ( 1446-1510 ) is one of the highest spiritual faces of the end of the Middle Ages. He crossed his youth to Kaysersberg, where from his name.